Volunteer Training


Details of the next Volunteer training coming soon!



ISC volunteers receive orientation and training when you sign up.  Most training is on-the-job (OJT) training, since we all learn best by doing.  We also have quarterly trainings on a variety of topics, such as the training scheduled above.  Training topics have included: port safety, communications skills, cultural awareness, ship and crew basics, environmental regulation and seafarers' rights, among others. 

  • "You have excellent service."

    ... Edmund, Phillippines

  • "What I enjoyed most about ISC is the TV and reading materials."

    .... Crew Member, Phillippines

  • "I enjoy calling to the Phillippines for my family."

    ... Edmund, Phillippines

  • "I enjoy talking with the staff, watching TV, and getting free clothing."

    ... Oscar, Phillippines

  • "The Volunteers in the Seafarers Center are hospitable"

    ... Edmund, Phillippines