Transportation Services

The ISC operates a fleet of three vans offering low cost shuttle services to and from major local shopping centers. Many seafarers find that the quality of goods and prices here in the USA are so much better than in their home countries that they often shop for family members back home. Partnering with the Southeast Georgia Healthcare System, or vans and volunteer drivers also provide access to doctors, dentists and other service sources.  We can even take seafarers sightseeing!


  • "I enjoy talking with the staff, watching TV, and getting free clothing."

    ... Oscar, Phillippines

  • "What I enjoyed most about ISC is the TV and reading materials."

    .... Crew Member, Phillippines

  • "You have excellent service."

    ... Edmund, Phillippines

  • "The Volunteers in the Seafarers Center are hospitable"

    ... Edmund, Phillippines

  • "I enjoy calling to the Phillippines for my family."

    ... Edmund, Phillippines