ISC Store

The ISC maintains a small convenience store at each of its facilities, both at our Newcastle center and on Colonel’s Island where seafarers and port workers can buy snacks, drinks and personal items. We also offer a variety of imported Asian foods and snacks, offering many seafarers a comfy taste of home. Each facility is also equipped with the following amenities:

  • Recreation room with pool table
  • Library shelves with free books and bibles
  • Musical instruments for entertainment
  • Clothing racks with free clothing, shoes and accessories
  • Free broadband WiFi
  • Free telephone booths and low cost calling cards for international calls
  • Free use of desktop PC’s for e-mail, Skype and entertainment

Thanks to our legion of volunteer hospitality workers, we are able to keep the facilities open from 8:00 am to10:00 pm, 365 days a year, anytime there are ships in port.

  • "You have excellent service."

    ... Edmund, Phillippines

  • "I enjoy calling to the Phillippines for my family."

    ... Edmund, Phillippines

  • "What I enjoyed most about ISC is the TV and reading materials."

    .... Crew Member, Phillippines

  • "The Volunteers in the Seafarers Center are hospitable"

    ... Edmund, Phillippines

  • "I enjoy talking with the staff, watching TV, and getting free clothing."

    ... Oscar, Phillippines