ISC Volunteer Program

ISC volunteers are the people who put the smile in our ministry. They are the friendly face in a strange place who make the seafarers feel more at home. Our volunteers visit the ships, drive our vans, and staff our two centers, interacting with seafarers and port workers to be the hands of God when and where needed. In fact, almost everything we do is done by volunteers. You can be one of our nearly 100 volunteers if you feel called to share your time with seafarers who are far from home, or if you'd like to help the Seafarers' Center in any of the myriad other ways which keep our ministry going: reception duties, office assistance, clothes closet, maintenance and yard work, computer skills, and more. A longer list can be found on the Jobs Preference Form. And you may have your own ideas about how you can help. We work with your schedule. Tell us how often and when you can volunteer, and we'll probably be able to meet your needs. If you think that volunteering at the International Seafarers' Center might be right for you, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and our Director of Volunteer Services will get in touch with you.

Volunteer Training

The best training is always on-the-job, and we'll pair you with seasoned volunteers to start. There's also a full orientation program for all newcomers. And we offer quarterly volunteer trainings on special topics, such as communications skills, foreign cultures, port safety and security and ship visiting. We work with you to obtain the necessary credentials to come and go on the Port. All our training is designed to assist you to better assist the seafarers.

Volunteer Parties!

These are quarterly also, including at-cost admission to our annual International Night Out. Our parties are great, with fantastic food (usually country-themed) and fellowship. Throwing a party in recognition of the wonderful work you are doing is, we believe, the least we can do. (We also give you a nice polo shirt.)

Be an ISC Volunteer

Volunteer Application - Time Job PreferenceJoin us as a volunteer to do ship tours, ground tours for mariners, medical aid, store assistance, and help in administrative duties and special events.

  • "What I enjoyed most about ISC is the TV and reading materials."

    .... Crew Member, Phillippines

  • "I enjoy talking with the staff, watching TV, and getting free clothing."

    ... Oscar, Phillippines

  • "You have excellent service."

    ... Edmund, Phillippines

  • "I enjoy calling to the Phillippines for my family."

    ... Edmund, Phillippines

  • "The Volunteers in the Seafarers Center are hospitable"

    ... Edmund, Phillippines